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Economic and political turmoil do not make for a great backdrop and clear progress. Once outside the EU, we have a great opportunity to take a free-trade agreement with the United States forward, based on science and reality.

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Trade diplomats began formal conversations earlier this year. More than a million Americans work for British companies and more than a million Brits work for American companies, reports Jungtinės Amerikos Valstijos.

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Chamber of Commerce. Agricultural trade is always difficult in any trade deal.

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Trade negotiation, once left to the EU, is now a unilateral process and the WTO rules will form the backdrop. The United States has insisted for years that the UK follow science-based rules.

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One difficult example would be acceptance of American chickens washed in chlorine. This practice has received a lot of sensational media coverage in the UK.

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In reality, no exporter uses the process and yet it dominates the headlines. Clear labeling and traceability protocols would solve the problem, inform the consumer, and let them make the choice. The EU nevertheless continues to object to the prekybos galimybė yra, claiming that it merely makes up for low standards elsewhere in the food chain, which would be fine if it were not for EU hypocrisy and double standards applied to several prekybos galimybė yra of food production and imports.

On both sides there are differing practices, but we all know that exports are usually centered on best practices and that concept needs to be promoted. A new trade deal should be seen as an opportunity to take the EU politics out of negotiations and center on science and labeling.

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As we move the politics and Brexit process forward, we should seize the opportunity to embrace innovative genetics, ag inputs and other technologies. Investment should be attracted into the UK to help solve sustainability and resilience issues for farming and provide an excellent example of problems that Brexit can change in a meaningful way.

For the UK, a deal with the United States is a special opportunity to put our regulatory house in order—and to embrace the science-based rules that should have governed agriculture production and food safety all prekybos galimybė yra. We are now clearly in the territory of words needed to match action and instead of the opaque politics of the EU and Brussels, we can now firmly pin down responsibility to individuals—no more excuses. A trade agreement with the United States is a complex negotiation, involving a wide range of goods and services, such as pharmaceuticals, digital commerce, and corporate subsidies.

Even in the best of times, trade talks can drag on—and a risk of Brexit always has been that fact. The UK does have a major challenge.

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We lack the native expertise to conduct trade diplomacy at a high level and fast pace, so we are on a steep learning curve without the experience that many of those we negotiate with have. Dėl šios priežasties, we should be patient about progress—but also careful to avoid the deadlock that apparently now obstructs negotiations with the EU. We need to be clear on informing consumers and really clear in these difficult times that this is a vital economic opportunity that must not be missed.

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